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Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:08 pm Post

Has anyone figured out how to use the native Windows 10 speech recognition app with Scrivener 1? It works with everything else. I was hoping to let my fingers rest a little. I will be grateful for any information .

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Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:55 pm Post

I tried but didn't get very good results.

With W10 speech recognition, I find the better way is to start it by using the Windows key + H. This gives a rather long thin bar at the top of my screen with an image of a microphone at the left hand end. Then clicking in my Scrivener text doc and dictating causes the dictation to be entered directly into the document. This way gives me better speech recognition.

The other way, using the Windows key for the start menu and scrolling down to the W's for Windows Ease of Access > Windows Speech Recognition gives a different shaped bar at the top of the screen, again with a microphone at the left hand. Clicking on the mike to start the app and then clicking in the Scriv doc starts dictation in a small window with a Select and Cancel button. Saying 'Select', enters the text into the document.

This second method gives me very poor results.

Since the there seem to be two interfaces and one gives me better results, I do wonder if there are two recognition engines. But I have never greatly persisted because I have Nuance Dragon dictation software which works better.

Sorry this doesn't help you much.