Many Table editing problem with MacOS high Sierra (Sc 3.02)

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I have quite many problems with Table editing and compilation of Tables to MS Word.

1. The Table editor often does not match what is seen on screen. If I add or remove columns, rows then the numbering is often out of synch. So is colouring indications, etc.

2. It is sometimes difficult to remove a table in the absolute beginning and end of a document. And how do one add new lines before or after such tables?

3. An import of a table from MS word creates a table in Scrivener that seems broken. Its very difficult to edit structure such imported tables,

4. And regenerating (compiling) the same table creates multiple tables, not one.

5. When moving table column, there should be an indication in the rules for the position. Otherwise multiple table will be sized differently.


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I'm having problems with tables as well. Compiling to Word from Scrivener yields a loss of writing and a corrupt file. Ideas?