Tool-tip Obscures Menu but Menu Action Works

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Platform: Mac

Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:31 pm Post

OS: Mac OS X 10.12.6

Prerequisite: At least two text documents (scenes) with some Synopsis description.

1) Select one of the text documents in the Binder.
2) Wait for the tool-tip with the Synopsis content to appear.
3) Option-click (two-finger tap) the same text document in the Binder.
When the option menu appears, note it is obscured (covered) by the Synopsis tool-tip. This seems to happen "most" of the time but not always. (I get it about 90% of the time.)
4) BEWARE: Click the tool-tip -- the obscured action in the option menu takes place.

Work-around: Between #3 and #4, pause and wait for the tool-tip to disappear. Then you can tell what action is going to be fired in the click (#4).

Desired behavior: Perhaps when the mouse moves off the tool-tip, it should disappear?

Looking forward to upgrading to 3.0 as soon as it becomes available.
Thank you!