quick ref in full screen mode

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v. 2.8.1 / os x 10.12.4
If I'm in full screen and select a file in the Binder and hit the Quick Ref button in the toolbar, I can't see the Quick Ref window until I leave full-screen - then it pops into view. I guess it's "behind" the full screen. I tried setting the Dock options for Scrivener to "all desktops," but that didn't affect it. I get this behavior whether I'm using two displays or one. I do have Float QuickReference Panels checked, and they do show up fine when I'm not in full screen.

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I tried to access preferences after entering Compose mode on a dual-screen setup to check the settings (binder doesn't show on secondary), but Scrivener crashed. Seems reproducible.
Tried to submit a bug report, timed out.
Tried to send a bug report mail with the error codes, mail crashed.
System is up to date and stable.
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This seems to be a conflict with floating the quick reference panels and fullscreen mode (at least on the Mac - tho' there's one report on the forum that this is true in windows).

If I have both “Float QuickReference Panels” enabled and I am in Fullscreen mode, the QuickReference Panels are not displayed.
If I turn off “Float QuickReference Panels” then the panels appear.
If I am not in Fullscreen mode then the panels appear.

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Given that Scrivener v. 3 for Mac has apparently been in beta testing for most of this year, and Lit&Lat are now posting on their blog about up-coming features on v. 3, I don't imagine for a moment that anything will be done, at least in the immediate future, about any potential bugs in v. 2. Whether Keith will revisit them once v. 3 has settled down as a help to those who can't or won't upgrade to v. 3, I have no idea.

Remember also that Keith, as the sole developer for the Mac and iOS versions of Scrivener, is also having to trouble-shoot the iOS version pending the release of iOS 11, and has hinted at wanting eventually to do some updates for Scapple. I would guess it's going to be really quite some time before he might turn his mind to issues like this if at all.

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Please see this thread for an easy to apply workaround: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=39354#p238247
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