Direction(s) of Timeline(s)

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I just downloaded Aeon, which seems like an absolutely brilliant project. :-)

One thing comes to mind, though:
The direction of the timeline(s).
In Story Arc view, time passes from left to right.
This seems reasonable – after all this is the way we usually read a novel, or any text for that matter.
(But wait – the readers of Arabic and Hebrew do read from right to left…)
In Entity view, however, time passes … downwards.
Sure, you also read a page in a book from the top to the bottom.
But I, for one, do not envision time that way.
A tree grows upwards, towards the sun. A human being is a small little thingie at birth, but soon grows … upwards, much like a tree does.
I hope you get the point! :-)
Please add a ”direction switch” to the toolbar!
That would suit my – and presumably other people’s – conception of time and casuality much better.

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Thanks for the kind words and suggestion.

I will add it to the list of things to consider, although it would be a fairly low priority compared with many much larger changes that need to be included.


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Thank you.
I’m looking forward (backwards?) to future versions of Aeon, and hope to see my suggestion implemented some day.

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The downward direction also throws me for a loop (blame my simple, simple mind...)