Age at first event does not show age

James Wilde
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I'm beginning to like this product, but I have a few comments. When creating person entities, in order to avoid having an event for their birth, I decided to use the Manage Entities dialog, and Set age at first event. I set up an event which would be a good introduction point for some of my minor characters (a group of teachers) and set up a first event - School start - to kick them off.

Their ages don't show in the timeline. Not that they are necessary for these characters, but it could be a help to have their ages showing in the timeline since their age can affect the way they react to certain events.

Then, having created the event, School start, and associating it with the teacher entities I had created, I wanted to add one more teacher. There was no way to select an event to associate with this teacher, although I had the School start event already created.

I'm a bit worried now, as another character, Grandad, will have his 60th birthday during the story, and it's a key event. If I create Grandad with the New Entity dialog, I'll get his age showing, but I'll skew my timeline even more. Before him, the oldest person with a birthday is 31 years.

And btw I think the story arc timeline needs to be infinitely scrollable in the left-right plane. My three key events at the start of the actual story are not fully visible, since they occur so long after the birth of the oldest protagonist with a birthday, the 31 year old.

Just my 2c