New Aeon user--Buglist after day one

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First, fantastic job with this software... this is exactly what I have been looking for... however :)

I downloaded yesterday after seeing it listed in a post from another site. I created one timeline for myself to experiment with, and although there are some big bugs that still need crushing--I do find it usable, to a point.

I also want to emphasize again, that this is EXACTLY the kind of timeline program I have been looking for to help me write (the "Toggle Ages" button alone is worth it to me)--and you have done an outstanding job with the interface IMO, which I will gladly pay for it at v1.0, but right now there are just some things that make it ALMOST unusable for now.

I am using Snow Leopard (10.6.2) with Aeon v0.4.4. Here are some things I have seen in my one day of testing. I apologize for any duplicates with posts, but I didn't seem to see a consolidated list:

1. I was able to export once when I first installed, now when I press export, it doesn't do anything. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but I can't get that function back.

2. Printing is WAY too big (Page Setup scale didn't seem to do anything). I made a small timeline, and it spanned 12 pages, some with just small portions of the page printed on. Fit to page just seemed to zoom the whole thing and take more space in the 12 pages. Is it possible to fit the entire timeline to a single page (within reason), or at least use the page space much more efficiently? I tried both landscape and portait.

3. Date format just doesn't work. It seems to switch the date format when you first select it and save, but if you close and re-open the document, it always goes back to DD-MM-YYYY.

4. Entity view doesn't reflect any changes to entity names or dates unless you close the program and re-open (refresh didn't seem to make a difference).

5. When clicking at a junction in Entity view that is an Entity and not an Event, seems to lock up the whole program most of the time. I can still save and my changes appear when I re-open, but I can't do anything (scroll, edit, etc) unless I close the program completely.

I hope this feedback helps, as I absolutely love this program, but some things are just making it hard to use for now. Keep up the good work--I look forward to all upcoming updates!

Sam Osborn
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I downloaded this a while back, but didn't use it. I am now realising what a gem it is, and am keen to use it but I am having similar problems to those mentioned above. I am on exactly the same versions of OS and Aeon. I find that I can add/change one thing when I click on the entity. Then Aeon freezes and I have to close it completely and restart. If I managed to make the change before the freeze it is there and saving even while frozen is not a problem.

If I am very patient, I can select an entity, but only one. I cannot then move to another entity (in the entity view). I cannot select the story arc either unless it's the first thing I do (if I want to change it for the selected entity). When I do manage to change the arc, it is slow to reflect the change on screen

I have not had any problems adding arcs, changing labels, adding events and adding/changing participation. It only seems to be if I click on an entity. I have not yet ventured into exporting or printing!

I hope this feedback helps as now I have realised what a good tool this is, I am itching to get started!!

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I can't wait for the fantasy calendars, because most of my work is in the fantasy genre. But I have short story that I was working on in the real world, so I thought I would give this a try. So far I love the app and I am looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.

Now a list of a few problems that I'm seeing. I am using Snow Leopard (10.6.3) with Aeon v0.4.4.

One of the other man problems I had is when make a new event or changing a current one, that my changes wouldn't stick. I would have to click around in the pop-up menu or in the inspector to have them register. Sometimes I would have to type in the changes several times.

cainrisen wrote:3. Date format just doesn't work. It seems to switch the date format when you first select it and save, but if you close and re-open the document, it always goes back to DD-MM-YYYY.

For me, it works in the inspector, but not in the timeline itself.

When I go to Timeline > Timeline Settings then to Display on pop-up window. I added a .gif file (thought it was a .jpeg when I put in in there lol). In the image window, the pic is upside down, though it does show correctly as the background. That's a nice little option by the way, and I hope it stays. It would be nice having a different background related to the story or events that you are working on.

All and all, good little program, and keep up the good work, I'm excited to see how this little gem turns out.

P.S. I typed this in a hurry, please forgive me for grammar and spelling mistakes. Sorry if some parts don't make much sense.

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Hi Matt

First, let me say just how much I love your program. Seeing my whole novel in visual form has really helped me complete the outline and gain mental clarity about the story as a whole. I can't thank you enough.

Here are some glitches I've run into, which I hope will help you continue to refine Aeon:

After I add New Event in Story-Arc View, if you then want to click on it (to move it, for ex.), the program won’t let you do it. First, you have to click on any other event, and then go back to click on the new event.

Overall View of Story-Arc View: I have a small laptop screen and 148 events so can’t see the whole story at once without scrolling. Wondered if there is (or will be) a way to hide all the text for event descriptions so that you can only see the colored dots in the Story-Arc, thereby condensing the information so it can all be viewed on the screen at the same time. (To get an overall idea of how the different story-arcs are distributed throughout the novel).

Timeline Settings: Eventually, Aeon accepted an earlier end date in Timeline Settings, but is still showing the old end date in both Entity View and Story-Arc View. (Tried Refresh and quitting and restarting Aeon without success.)
Also, Story-Arc View seems to run out of room on the screen. The days get bunched up at the end.

Inspector: Changing event title: Sometimes the system will accept the title change and sometimes it won’t. Haven’t figured out a pattern here.

Event Participation: Once you choose ‘BIrth’, the system automatically calculates the time passed at each following event. Can you turn that off? (I’m using ‘birth’ to mean the first time we meet a character. As the novel only spans a fortnight, there’s no significant age change).

Again, many thanks, Matt, for a super program. :D Rita

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Found a way around the bunching up of time at the end of the novel in Story-Arc View. I had originally chosen the day after my story ends for the end date. Then Story-Arc View automatically made the final section represent a week (rather than a day as it had for all the other days -- same amount of events per day). So, instead, I put the final day as my end date and I picked the next hour. Then, Story-Arc View reverted to showing the final days separately, instead of bunching them altogether into a week. Hope this helps.


Broken Thought
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Broken Thought wrote:cainrisen wrote:
3. Date format just doesn't work. It seems to switch the date format when you first select it and save, but if you close and re-open the document, it always goes back to DD-MM-YYYY.

For me, it works in the inspector, but not in the timeline itself.

Okay, I have some update on this. It looks like I could change both inspector and the left to right timeline to the desired MM/DD/YYYY, but I wasn't able to change the up and down entity timeline view, but I also didn't see a place to change that in the preferences. So this might be the intended behavior, a oversight, or just not implemented yet. I'm not sure.

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Hello, I have to add my glowing reviews to this program. I've been looking for a good timeline program to figure out the overlapping histories of my characters, and this looks to be exactly what I need. However, I've already managed to find a few bugs as well, even with just a few hours of poking around, running Aeon 0.4.4 on OS X Version 10.5.8.

1. I am having the same issue with dates as Broken Thought. I've managed to change all the dates/times except the ones next to the titles of events on the Entity View. It changes just fine on Story Arc View, so I think it's not an oversight, but a bug.

2. I'm not exactly sure how I've managed to do this a few times, but I've somehow managed to add an event, but it doesn't show up on the timeline. At the bottom of the window, it will read (for example) "9 events shown (10 events total)," so the event HAS been made. No filters or anything is on, all my events should be showing. The only way I've found to make this ghosting event show up is to save and quit, and bring my timeline back up.

3. The most irritating thing that has caused me to entirely re-do a timeline, though, was I managed to make a "Story Arc" stick. I had created a new Story Arc, and had moved events into the arc. I then shifted an arc over a few times, but decided again the move. I then Command-Z'ed a number of times to return that one entry to where it was before. However, I did it twice too many, and undid the moving of events into the new arc and the creation of the new arc.

Upon doing this, the arc no longer appeared in any drop-down menus, either in events or anything in the Story Arc Manager, etc. However, the block still remained, and I can manually drag events into this block in Story Arc View. When I drag an event into this phantom arc, in the Inspector for that event, the Story Arc section reads: "*Phantom Arc's Name* <0x16b7b0>"

4. I've read others have had the same issue of changing the name of an event in the Inspector and it not showing up until Aeon is restarted.

Those are the bugs I've found, thusfar.

The requests I might have for future versions of Aeon are:

1. I agree with... someone before me, I can't find exactly who at the moment, who mentioned something about the "Birth" messing up times if you don't have their birth day. This isn't an issue for me, but what I'd recommend was for an added "Participation" option called "Introduced." That way, you can see when a character or two people are introduced at a glance, and leave "Birth" for true births. Along the same lines, perhaps an "Exited" or "Leaves" might work as well, when a character leaves but doesn't die.

2. I would like a slightly more intuitive way to have time spans. You can make an Entity, but this doesn't work very well, as you only see the beginning of said span in Entity View, and it's rather blocky in Story Arc View. For example, if you have a war, there are many events IN said war, but you'd want to have the entire war shaded for quick viewing. Of course, it can be in a story arc, but that only helps in Story Arc View. I would prefer to have a way to shade clumps of time and label them, but not have it be a proper "event." ... if that makes sense. Mainly, I'd like a way to see that chunk of time easier in Entity View, not only Story Arc View. This isn't a make-or-break thing, but I am mapping the history of my novel as well, and there are a number of wars. I have one arc named "Historical" so I can see the entire history before my story happened without cluttering the story itself, so I would prefer to be able to divide the one arc instead of making many. (I already have enough!)

That's all I can think of so far, and hopefully it makes some semblance of sense!

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Hi Matt and everybody.

This seems to be related to the above questions, so i'll post it here:

What is the "time span" option in the Entity creation box? What is it meant to create and to what purpose? Couldn't figure that out from the documentation nor from a search here or on your blog.

Someone asked the question earlier in a now locked thread but you were mislead in thinking this had to do with Events creation, while it is actually an option in Entities.

I'll have another question on another subject but i'll post it separately so as not to mix up things.

Cheers and bravo for your work, as always :D

FMN (Nathalie Mege)

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This was partly fixed after beta 0.3 but it seems to resurface:

Notes to an entity are not stored when entered through the "New Entity" submenu. (Even after saving, closing and reopening the file, or quitting Aeon after saving.)

(Notes stored through the "Manage Entities" submenu are stored, though.)

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After two days of playing with version 0.4.5, I must say I'm impressed.

I'm trying to wrangle the plot of a time-travel romance into shape, and just putting the data into Aeon Timeline pointed up one date collision I'll have to work on. That's value-added right there. I'm of course not expecting support for the notion that David in this scene is 5 years older than he is in the scene the next day. :)

Minor gripes and bugs:

[a] Date formats in the entity and story-arc views always seem to be 25/12/2012 whatever I do with the dates pane of the timeline settings window.

[b] When I turn on hot tags, all my events disappear. I eventually figured out that saving, quitting, and restarting brings them back (and they never really disappear; it's just that the program was showing "0 of 40 events").

I'm looking forward to the fantasy calendar thing, because I have Aztecs running loose in my novel, marching to the beat of their own calendar. Oh, and a not-quite-final Gregorian calendar as well.

Anyway, thanks for letting us play in your sandbox. This is a great project and I'm looking forward to new versions, and to using the current one.

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Hi Matt,

Ditto for all of the glowing comments from other users, and I hope very much AT becomes a commercial success for you.

In the meantime two bugs:

the button
icon story arc page.jpg
icon story arc page.jpg (4.33 KiB) Viewed 1519 times
in the Story Arc View header bar which shows the Story Arc Management Pane has a tooltip which says : “Show Entity Management Pane.”

the other has been mentioned before but this is a little more specific: For Story Arc view changing the date format in Timeline Settings->Dates to Other when using this convention: “%d-%b-%y” yields
this date presentation upon file open: “20/02/1983.” Upon “Refresh” nothing changes. However, going back and clicking “OK” in Timeline Settings->Dates yields the proper date presentation: “20-Feb-83.” For Entity View, this does not work at all.


John Perry