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Re: Zooming, Context, and Detail: Design Decisions

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:01 pm
by hak
Spitfire31 wrote:The 'dock style' warping might be a way forward for all I know. Still, I suppose this 'enlargment' needs to be limited in scale. It's a bit difficult to imagine how I could slide a magnifier over a timeline covering a couple of decades, blowing it up to days or even weeks.

Just one more screenshot showing how this has been solved in MemoryMiner, if one has to cover longer periods: the glider can be set to the period you want to look at closer, i.e. here I choose 1 year.

Perhaps Matt sees a way to implement a similar way in the timeline view.

I really look forward to see the next version of Aeon TL!!!