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Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:07 pm Post

Hey Matt,
One thing I've wished for as I've worked with the program is a way to easily toggle a number of entities on or off at the same time. For instance, I may want to see only three of my entities in entity view, then ten minutes later would like to see several more - without the original three. As it stands now, I believe you have to toggle them on/off one at a time; this gets a bit tedious as the number of entities grows. Perhaps the menu box could pop up, and remain constant while I make my selections, toggling on/off the entities I need to see at the time? It would also be helpful to have a toggle for all on, or all off. At least it would be for me.

Also, just as a cautionary tale--the placement of the small 'delete entity' icon seems dangerous to me. It's a bit small to really tell what it is, and if you aren't paying attention, seems like a mistake here could lead to disaster. I know when I'm tired, I tend to act in haste--even the warning dialog won't stop me if I'm really determined to screw up. Might not be a hazard for anyone else, though.

It seems like one of the absolute strengths of this program is its almost infinite expandability--I can add and subtract entities, or events, at will. Especially if I can easily hide ones I don't need to see that often, it seems a novelist's godsend. Again, thanks for all the hard work. I very much look forward to the next revision. Take care, cg

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Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:26 pm Post

Thanks for the kind comments. I will look into the show/hide popup, and you make a good point with the delete button (I have been around Scrivener's forums enough to know that warnings are easily ignored).

Not in this version, but probably the one after, it will be necessary to redesign those headers/footers anyway, I suspect.