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Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:23 am Post

There are quite a few links to Aeon Timeline popping up all over the place now. I expect I have a few people on the Scrivener forum to thank for that.

As of today, I have cleared 200 downloads of the most recent beta, which I am pretty happy with considering it is only floating around as version 0.2 with no active publicity.

Hopefully when I release the much improved next version in the next few days (actually, once Keith uploads them to his site, no pressure Keith :wink: :lol: :P ), most of those users will cross over to the next version. Since I have added automatic updates now that won't cause a hit on the blog, for all releases after this next one, I guess I will never know!

Thank you to all those people that have downloaded the application and provided feedback so far.