Characters, labels, and keywords

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Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:30 pm Post

Hi All,

Matt asked that I move this question from the bug reporting topic, since it is really a feature request.

I suggested:
3) I like the possibility of using colour-coding, but it would be nice if this become a full category or keyword mechanism, with no limit on the number of characters, the ability to choose colours for categories, and to display by category.

To explain, Scrivener lets you create an unlimited number of labels, each with a specific colour, the advantage of this is that you can quickly see which label has ben applied to various documents. In Aeon a similar colour label serves the same purpose when viewing timeline items. I am glad to hear that Matt intends to extend the label system à la Scrivener. It would also be nice if the timeline view could then be filtered by label, as well as by character.

Scrivener also lets you apply keywords (as far as I can see, just another word for category or tag) to specific documents, and then search by keyword. This just provides a different way of categorizing/looking at your information. If Aeon supported such a keyword or tag mechanism, you could then filter the timeline by keyword, as well as by label or character.

Why both colour labels and keywords? Flexibility. In my history example, I could set up historical personages and institutions (Winston Churchill, British Government) as characters, set up labels and broad categories of event (political, economic, social), and keywords or tags to provide a finer division of information (e.g., political tags could include election, diplomacy, parliament, etc.). Being able to search and filter on all three types of category just gives a more flexible view of the data.

I am not sure that all this is really needed for fiction, but then again I suppose it depends what you are writing. I could see a broad fantasy universe or a historical novel really taking advantage of such features.