Introduction and Beta/Forum Rules

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Hi all,
First of all, thanks to Keith for allowing me to squat on his forums until we have an application that warrants its own website.

I have created a development blog to act as a central home for the application. It can be accessed via:

If you head over there now you will find a short description of the application, links to download the current beta release, and a link back to this forum. As Aeon Timeline develops, I will add further posts relating to new features and the design decisions I have made along the way - basically anything that will require a longer post than is suitable for this forum.

To make the beta process as smooth as possible, there are a few rules for you to follow when using the beta applications and this sub-forum.

Beta Rules:
  1. The beta is free to download and use, subject to the license conditions in the accompanying documentation.
  2. When you download the beta, please read the documentation in full. It contains information about how to use the software (including some features that are somewhat hidden, at present), known issues with the software, and the many additional features planned for the release version.
  3. As with the Scrivener betas, try to have open at the same time. (The following is copied from Keith's beta posts...) As soon as anything strange happens in the beta, have a look at the log in Anything strange should appear in bold. Let me know if anything strange does happen and copy and paste the log for me to see. This is often invaluable.
  4. Most importantly, please remember that this is beta software. Whilst I have tried to create a bug-free and usable application, you may experience some problems with the program. In particular, a lot of input validation is currently missing, so play nicely and give the application reasonable values.
  5. As beta software, you have an opportunity to influence the direction of the software with good ideas for new features, and perhaps more importantly, good ideas for the user interface. Be aware, however, that I cannot and will not try to please everybody.

Forum Rules:
  1. Please keep posts on this board on-topic. Keith has provided a large playground, and this is a very small sandpit. If you don't want to play with my trucks, play with your own elsewhere :mrgreen:

  2. I will create a new post for each new beta version that I release. General bug reports etc. stemming from that release should be posted as a reply underneath that thread. At the top of that thread, I will keep a running list of reported bugs. Please read that list to see if your bug is there before reporting your own (that will save you from reading the entire thread).

  3. For each of the major new features to be added, particularly those which require further thought and discussion before being implemented, I will create a separate post for the discussion of those specific features. Please keep discussion in these threads confined to that specific topic.

  4. You are welcome to create your own posts for wish-list items. Please look through the existing topics (perform a search, etc.) before posting to ensure your idea has not been discussed before, and post to a relevant existing thread ahead of creating your own.

  5. At this stage, as the application is far from mature, I would love for everyone to become involved with each discussion and new suggestion. The more ideas that can be generated around an initial suggestion, the better this software will turn out for everybody.

Please download and experiment with the software. I look forward to the next stage of development.