Duplicating or exporting calendars

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I've just purchased Aeon Timeline and I'm very impressed by its ease of use. I'm interested in using a calendar that is a slight variation on the standard calendar. Is there a way od duplicating the standard calendar and making changes to the duplicate within Aeon Timeline or is there a way to export the standard calaendar, make changes and then reload as a new calendar?

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What version of the system are you on?

On Lion, open the standard calendar, choose <File : Duplicate> followed by <File : Save>, which will bring up a standard dialog for saving a file in which you can give it an appropriate name. By default it will be called x-copy.aeonxml, where the x is the name of the calendar you have duplicated. This is the standard procedure under Lion.

On any earlier version of the system, presumably you just use <File : Save As> to achieve the same.


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Mark - I think the OP is actually referring to duplicating the Calendar in order to create a new Calendar, rather than duplicating a timeline from that calendar.

And the answer to the question is that no, currently there is no way to duplicate the standard calendar. But I am in the process of fixing up some bugs etc. for a release over the weekend, and I am going to add that ability then (someone else has already asked about this).