Events on Multiple Arcs

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I'd like to start off by saying how much I love Aeon Timeline! It's as though you read my mind as to the kind of software I was in desperate need of! I can hardly wait for the final release, and am willing to pay handsomely for it!

Anyway, I know there was another thread that touched on this, but it's over a year old now so I thought I'd renew the topic: I'd really like to have the ability to load a single event on multiple story arcs. I can see so many instances where an event isn't quite global, but is shared between a couple of arcs while not shared with others.

For me, I'm using Aeon as a historical research tool, where I'm trying to reconstruct a series of events based on various historical records and books. I use each story arc as a specific source (e.g. Biographical Book 1 = Arc 1, Local Newspaper = Arc 2, etc.) so that I can see where there are inconsistencies in the source materials which would indicate further research is required. Having the ability to load a single event on multiple arcs would allow me to easily see that an event is corroborated by, and consistent between, multiple sources. If the event simply showed up as a solid oval dot on the same vertical line on the timeline, this would make things incredibly clear.

Thanks, and thanks again for Aeon!

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I'd like to add my voice to this question/request. For some time, I've been struggling with how to represent a story with several arcs, and events that belong on more than one, but not all, of them.

I love scrivener, rely on it, but have had to use other tools for charting story structure. (None of them satisfactory, currently using I've been following the development of Aeon Timeline, and am ready to start using it, but haven't yet figured out how to meet this need.