Lunar/pagan calendars?

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Hi all -

one of the most powerful features of Aeon Timeline are custom calendars.

While I was experimenting with it, I noticed that currently it is limited to day/month/year-based systems.

Several calendars however were/are based on the rhythm not of the sun, but the moon, measuring a month not by a fixed number of days, but from one full moon to the next...
Others were even more flexible, using natural events as markers that could vary from year to year, like the blossoming of a special plant.

This is not an urgent requirement, but as I saw in this thread the fantasy calendar system will be further developed, and I would love to see a way to implement more "natural" calendar systems, we have had it with popes and mathematicians... ;-)

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Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. I read it some time ago, and thought I had already replied.

Thanks for the suggestion. Certainly something I will consider when I am next overhauling the fantasy calendar system.