Calendar exchange?

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I just started to experiment with Aeon Timeline and love it.

One thing I like a lot is the ability to have timelines in different calendars, not just the predominant christian one.

Looking at the custom calendar feature I was wondering:

  • am I right that there is a calendar exchange format and that custom/alternative calendars could be exported/imported/shared?
  • if yes, is there already a place where we could share or find predefined calendars? Such a calendar exchange might not be too useful for totally custom fantasy calendars, but would be great for historical / ethnic calendars, like Mayan, Norse, Celtic, Roman, etc.pp., and of course for currently used other calendar systems, like the Chinese or Jewish.

cheers and keep up the great work!
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Sat Mar 31, 2012 7:35 am Post

Again, as before, sorry for not replying to this one earlier.

Yes, the calendars can be saved independently, and shared between machines, and re-used.

Once I have my own website and forum setup, I would be happy to set up a section to allow people to share calendars that they think may be useful to others.


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Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:34 pm Post

When I asked about Exporting Calendar definitions in an email, Matt explained how to load a custom Calendar Definitions, even though Aeon doesn't export the Custom Calendar Definitions.
At the moment I don't believe this is in the manual. (Matt's Confirmed this in the email)

Saving your Custom Calendar setup:
1) Setup your Custom Calendar
2) Create a Timeline file with the Custom Calendar
3) Save the blank Timeline out

Loading your Custom Calendar setup:
1) Open the "View Calendar" pane
2) Click on the Load Button
3) Point to your Blank Timeline (Or any Aeon Timeline file)
4) Click open
5) the Custom Calendar is now in your list of Calendar definitions.

Then if Matt Allows the .aeonxml files type to be uploaded to his New Forums, we could exchange Calendars.

This would also be a good idea incase your computer goes the Hades in a Hand Basket, your had drive crashes and burns, and you end up having to reinstall Aeon.

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