Geological time histories

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Apologies for this simple question, but I can't find another post on this. I'd like to use Aeon for geological time periods, but can't work it out in the date formats. Is this possible?

thanks, David

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Hi David,
At present the calendar system still has to follow the month/year/era format, which is probably not ideal for what you want. There are probably ways to bend it to work that way (create a timeline with one day and one month in a year, then setup different eras for the different geological periods), but that would be far from ideal.

I would like to make the Fantasy Calendar system more flexible, and allow for things that don't exactly match the date structure at all. I am still thinking about the best way to set this up though.

For the moment, I will turn the question back around and ask you:

Ideally, how would you like a geological time history to be created and displayed? Would you want "millions of years" as your shortest format? Do you want to be able to name the time periods individually, and the millions of years they cover (eg. 500-200 million years ago), rather than have them reset?

In short, tell me what you would like, and I will see if I can incorporate it when I modify the fantasy calendar system to be more flexible.