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Hi, I'm Joeri from the Netherlands, long time Scrivener user and recently discovered Aeon in my search for a timeline app. To begin with I think this a well thought concept with strong potential; great job.
I have some ideas though.
I used Aeon for the first time last night to setup a storyline round Rinke, my femail protagonist.
I first went into the Event screen to roughly draft her life:
born: 1940
died: 1985 at age 45
elementery school: 1946-1952 (6 schoolyears)
highschool: 1952-1956 (4 schoolyears)
first employee: 1956-no enddate

What I felt missing in the drafting phase is this:
Rinke is a person-entity. A person has an implicit set of properties or events, in our case: birth and death. It is well thougt to have the opportunity to enter a start-event with a person entity but I also would have liked to directly fill in the end date. I already know she dies sep 15 1985 but I have to enter this date in a seperate move in the Inspector. Now this might be of minor concern. What I really felt missing however was a marker which marked the duration of the start-end event in the Event view. Sure there is a nice view of event-durations in the Arcs view but all my drafting is done in the Event view and it would be nice to see the development there.
The same goes for entities like schools which the protagonist joins for just a certain set of years. Speaking of that: it would be nice to have another property in start/end events which dedicates an event to one person so there will be age-marker on the persons line automatically where the event starts and ends. When such a dedicated event crosses the person's line there is no need to draw the horizontal event line any further than the event or the person, whichever comes first.
Last thing: it would be nice if the year-counting in duration events could be rounded up (as a choice). Joining school from 'aug 30 1946 .. june 17 1952' makes 6 schoolyears but Aeoline gives me 5 years while the enddate in the last year is before the startdate of the first year.
I have enclosed a picture of what I roughly mean. I hope it clear enough.

I think Aelon great timeline app which I'll definitely use in future, but these few points came up to me at first use. I hope I don't speak nonsense or overlooked some features which might be already in the app.