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I've created a huge timeline in Aeon, version 0.5.3, using a powerbook 4,3 runing Mac OSX 10.4.11.

Now I'm trying to open it in Aeon, version 0,6, with a MacBook Air, running Mac OSX 10.6.7, but I cannot open it.

Then I tried to export from the powerbook, but when I select "export" nothing happens.

Any Idea? The powerbook is really slow and it is difficult to work with.

Thank you very much for any help,


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Hi Roberto,
If you are able to email me the spreadsheet to support (at) scribblecode (dot) com (sorry. Avoiding the spam filter) then I will be able to look at the specific file.

This is not a problem I have had so far, so it must be something unique with your timeline.

In the past when I have had this problem, I have usually been able to either release an update to solve the problem, or send back a corrected timeline file fairly quickly after I get a chance to look at it.

In the mean time, I can give u the link to re-download 0.5 if required.