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Hi. I just downloaded the latest version of Aeon Timeline. I'd never used it before. I'm having some trouble figuring out something basic: Timeline Settings. When I change the "Timeline Date Format," I don't see any change after I hit the "Okay" button. I'm in the US and I'd like to see the timeline display months and then days, but it continues to display days and then months as in "Sun 13/02" instead of "Sun 02/13." Thanks.

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I think everything in the current beta release defaults to day/month regardless what format you select for timeline settings. That has been my experience thru several releases. I reported this issue in January [see viewtopic.php?f=27&t=11149&p=85579&hilit=date+format#p85541]. Matt replied that he is aware of the issue, and intends to fix it in next version.
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Just to let you know, a new version just released allows you to swap between Month/Day and Day/Month in the Preferences menu.