Possible Bug In 0.5.1

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Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:32 am Post

I discovered an oddity this morning with the upgrade from Aeon 0.5 to 0.51.

Trying to move the time/date of an event seems a bit strange now. On changing the beginning date, the event marker remains in place until I highlight the time/date in the event's ending field. No need to change anything in the ending field, even highlighting seconds will refresh the event in it's new point. A bit disconcerting after being accustomed to the events leaping promptly at the every change of the beginning settings. ;)

No crash.

I love the software and look forward to the finished product!

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Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:55 am Post

If you are referring to changing the date in the Inspector, I changed it to that behaviour by choice.

Basically, now, the change is not "committed" until you leave the date field (either to another field in the inspector, or out of the inspector altogether - basically, clicking or tabbing to anything outside that field).

If you set a date outside the current timeline start/end, Aeon automatically adjusts the timeline start end to adjust (i.e. if your existing start date is 1990, and you set an event to have a date of 1980, then the timeline will change the timeline start date to 1980.

With the date change committing as each field is changed, there is the risk that someone might inadvertently change their timeline start date as they update their event. If they were toggling between eras, and momentarily set it to BC, then the start date might suddenly be changed to 2000 BC, instead of 1990 AD.

By making the change only take effect after leaving the entire date picker control, it is less likely that unintended partial states will have an impact.

I guess there were other ways I could do it, like never allowing the date to be set outside the timeline start and end dates, or prompting if it was going to do so - but both those options would be more restricting to the user, and annoying (if you were in the midst of changing a date, and it prompted you because the date you set was momentarily 200 BC on its way to 200 AD).


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Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:36 pm Post

I was just uncertain if it was a bug. Mostly, it was more a baffled reaction and within minutes, I was fine with it. Good to know it's not a bug. :)

Thank you for telling me!