Space or no space after slash (/) when exporting to LaTeX

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I'm having trouble exporting '/' (slash) to LaTeX, using Scrivener (MultiMarkdown 3?). My partner is handing in her master thesis in about two months and I'm helping her with the formatting. Since it's so close to finished, we're not keen on upgrading to 3.X just now.

I'm using 'Replacements' to insert LaTeX-symbols (turning '<>$@<>' into '<!--$@-->'), and that works fine. Throughout the text she's using '/' (slash), both with and without trailing space. When compiling into LaTeX '/' is converted into '\slash', which results in the lack of trailing spaces where needed.

I've searched and read, trying to figure out how to escape or otherwise manage to fix this with no luck.

Any tips would be welcome.

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The latest version of Scrivener 2 is using MultiMarkdown 5.4 for the conversion to LaTeX.

There are several ways one could go about ensuring a space follows a slash. Using {\slash} instead if \slash is one way. \slash~ is another way. Or if you insert the slash with an HTML comment then MMD won’t touch it in the first place. Which is most appropriate to use would depend on why one needs a space after it, I suppose.
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