Escape Slash before placeholder

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I'm trying to escape a slash occuring before a placeholder, instead of escaping the acutal placeholder. In the manual I found the following remarks:

Escaping Compile placeholders: In very rare circumstances (for instance, if you were writing a book about Scrivener), you may find that you want to write about a placeholder and so have it appear in the final text without being replaced. For this, Compile placeholders can be “escaped” using the backslash character. Thus, “\<$date>” will appear in the compiled document as “<$date>”, without being replaced with the current date.

Unfortunately, this doesn't specify the opposite, i.e. how to pass a placeholder with a slash in front. In my case I'm trying to pass the level of the LateX heading using custom placeholders in the prefix of a style:

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Double slash doesn't escape the slash but only a space seems to work, which however breaks the LaTeX command.
Thanks for the support.

Using Scrivener 3.1.5 on macOS 10.15.5