Tabs in Index card mode? (fingers crossed!)

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Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:38 pm Post

Wow, I love the index cards. Before 2.0, I never used them, but the colors and changes have made a world of difference. I've set up a row of quite inviting cards of different colors that I love typing in--easy, convenient, and visually fun. Here's the question...

I've been able to reset it so that I can have returns in the index card. (Thank you!)

But... tabs don't "tab," they send me flying into the next card. Going through some of the forums I discovered the <Alt-Tab> combo, which definitely helps, but of course I still occasionally hit "tab" alone, and ... woosh! -- off I fly to the next card. Is there anyway I can set it (via preferences or some kind of cheat) so that tab "tabs?" It would make it perfect!

(I noticed in one of the threads on this topic, AmberV said... "Well, one thing you might like about 2.0 is that there is an option to let you type normally in index cards without the Opt-Key stuff" that referring to this, and where's that option? (Aside from the return key option, which I found))

(And I know you can do it in the card via the inspector, but ... which makes me wonder why you can't do it in the actual card--as it's not real convenient to keep jumping over to the inspector. Seems that would be a natural bit of confusion, hitting tab accidentally... but anyway)

Anyway... having great fun exploring the new Scrivener-- great job!

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Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:46 pm Post

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm not really sure why you would want to enter tabs in index cards as they really aren't intended for full-on formatting stuff. But, if you do want to enter a tab, then just hold down the Option key as you hit the tab key. That should do the trick.

Thanks again and all the best,
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Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:14 am Post

Oh, I was hoping the quote from AmberV about "typing normally in index cards without the opt-key stuff" included tabs.

I'm surprised that people don't use "tab" on their index cards, even by accident. I sure do!

I use tabs, for one reason, as a novelist, it's ingrained whenever you add another paragraph or a bit of dialogue. Matter of fact, for me at least, it's hard NOT to do--and here it interrupts the writing to go off to another card.

(Surely other people put more than one paragraph on a card)...

I guess the frustrating bit is the ability to tab obviously does exist in Scrivener index cards. It seems that <tab> should tab, and <Opt-tab> (or some other "not ingrained" key) would send you flying to another card. Or at least the option to set it that way... or at the very least, disable the tab completely to stop the sudden leaps...

But anyway, that's probably just me. I just love the look of the cards so much, I enjoy setting up a string of them visually, and working on them, I hate the abrupt disruption.

But again, great work, and thanks for all you do, and this forum in particular. I really enjoy Scrivener a bunch. Keep up the good work.