Format changes in multiple documents in scrivenings

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Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:54 am Post

Is it possible to remove highlightings that are scattered throughout multiple documents (non-contiguous in binder, if that makes any difference) when viewed in scrivenings? I tried selecting all text and then "None" under the highlight drop-down menu but it just beeps and nothing happens.

The use scenario is that I am writing a summary using points from the multiple sections in the main part of the draft. I go through the documents highlighting the bits I wanted to use in the summary but afterwards I want to remove them from the draft, and doing this individually is rather slow and tedious.

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No, there's no way of applying a format change across multiple scrivenings - edits aren't allowed to cross document boundaries, as this can cause problems with maintaining the integrity of the document separation.

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You can still remove the highlights from scattered documents pretty easily by going to Find>Find Highlight and then just clicking "next" and using the cmd+shift+H shortcut to de-highlight the selected text. (It will be selected for the find, so all you have to do is hit next and then the shortcut to remove the highlight.) It's pretty snappy and will go through all your highlights throughout the project, and you can filter by specific color as well.

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