Changing ellipsis to three periods

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I think Scrivener substitutes the unicode ellipsis when I type '...' There's a 2013 discussion that notes: "A good way to make sure that the output contains 3 periods when you compile: Choose "Convert ellipses to triple periods" in the Transformations section of the Compile dialogue. You have to compile, or hold the OPT key down to change "compile" button to a "Save" button in order for your setting to stick."
However, in Scrivener 3.1.5 and Mac OS 10.14.6, the Transformations option in Compile offers no such option. How do I mass-convert the unicode (closer-spaced) ellipsis to the (preferred by publishers) three periods? Is it best to compile out to word and do the conversion there? If so, how?

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Transformations are available in the compile format designer:


Alternatively, you can create a replacement in the main compile window, replacing … (an ellipsis) with ... (three full stops).


One of these options suitable for your needs?