Shortcut for Bold and Italic not working with Times New Roman

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I'm having similar problems with Scrivener. Except its doing this with the default font Palantino and quite probably extends to most other fonts as well. its really annoying! L&L please fix asap!

In the meantime, does anyone have a work around?

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Do you still see the issue in Scrivener 3.1.4, released today?

Scrivener Support Team

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3.1.4 has fixed the issue as it stood. Thank you! This issue is RESOLVED.

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No, it's not!

I had the same issue, it was fixed with the latest version... but it's back!!! :O

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This isn't working for me either.

It only works for some words. Not all of them. Insanely frustrating.

Also, in Scrivener 2, I could make bullets and numbers a style... and it would apply the bullets and numbers when I changed a word/phrase to that style. I can no longer do this in Scrivenerr 3. This is also insanely frustrating because I'm a copywriter and I use bulleted and numbered lists (and use the styles feature to apply them to plain body copy) ALL THE TIME.

PLEASE tell me someone is trying to fix this. I have a Mac and Catalina.