Importing MarginNotes 3 mindmaps

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Thu Jul 16, 2020 12:05 am Post

andrevallejo wrote:Hello. Just started to use MarginNotes 3 to annotate and generate mindmaps from my there a way to import them to Scrivener 3 so my outliner is ready to go?

I am also looking into MarginNotes 3. But learning curve looks daunting - poor documentation. Did you find a good source for learning how to use it?
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Sun Jul 19, 2020 12:50 pm Post

I wonder if anyone ever found a less circuitous path to getting mindmaps/outlines from MarginNotes to Scrivener. Relooking at this exchange, I think exporting to Word looks like a promising untried route. Especially if the export styles the doc with Word’s Heading styles, since the doc can be dropped right into Scriv. If one’s Scriv project had like-minded Heading styles defined, you would be golden, I should think.
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Sun Feb 07, 2021 8:30 am Post

andrevallejo wrote:
mbbntu wrote:What does it look like in iThoughts? And what does the OPML look like? Note that the Scrivener preferences offer the options to put notes into main text, synopsis, etc, so you might need to change that.

I just found out the problem...Margin Notes, by default, makes its excerpts to images...I had to OCR them to convert to text, and then the Ithoughts->OPML->Scrivener route works... :D
Thanks all, hope MarginNotes developers Address this issue...

Hi guys, sorry, a little late to the post but just researched the export of margin notes to scrivener myself and thought I'd point out something. Margin note does not by default make extracts into graphics. If you excerpt using the excerpt tool (haven't tried the graphical boxes etc), you will find it exports into ithoughts (with all lthe margin note links). Ithoughts imports excerpted text from margin note as 'notes attached to the nodes (I assume you give the excerpts headings inside margin notes).. From there I exported via opml into scrivener with all the excerpts appearing as text in scrivener (which as someone else said you can choose where it goes, main body or synoposis etc).
It is thus a straightforward two-stage process, no OCR needed. The links to the source doc are lost in the move from ithoughts to scrivener however but thats no problem for me.