How do I keep track of my chapters if I have to break them down in dozens of documents?

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dsbd wrote:
gr wrote:Are you using manual or smart collections? The docs in a smart collection (being procedurally determined) always show In Binder-order.


Thanks. I'm using manual, didn't note there were smart collections. If I understand this rightly, I'll need to go back and make sure all keywords for each chapter are the same as the collection names I want to use, then do a search on each keyword. Took me three days to set up the collections first go-round. I assume there's no way to convert a standard to a smart collection?

If you decide to "convert", then it won't be so bad as you might think. Here's what you can do:
  1. Create a keyword* for one of your manual collections.
  2. Open the keywords floating panel. (I think you can do this from the keywords panel of the Inspector for one document... sorry, don't recall the details fo v1)
  3. Open your first manual collection, select all of the documents therein (CTRL-a after clicking on one of them).
  4. Drag your keyword onto one of the selected documents.
  5. Verify that the keyword was applied to all of the selected documents.
  6. Repeat for every manual collection.
Once you've done that (it looks a lot worse written out than it will be in practice), with the keyword floating panel open, select one of the keywords, and use the search icon in the floating window to bring up a search of all documents with that keyword assigned. Then in the search field (I think this is in the toolbar in v1?) click on the loupe icon; at the very bottom, there should be an option to save your search. Save it and then you can get rid of the manual collection of the same documents. The search results are always in the same order as they are in the binder.

These saved searches will refresh every time you change views to either the binder and back, or to another collection and back, so any documents that gain or lose that keyword will change the save search results when you return to that "smart collection".

* Note that if you don't have documents that need multiple keywords, you might consider using the Label metadata for this, since you can then color-code the icons, or the entire title in the Binder, as well as using those same colors for the index cards in cork board mode.
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