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Hi, how do you add citations for a dissertation in Scrivener? Looking on Youtube people seem to talk about using a third party software like Endnote etc, but I can't believe that you can't do it straight in scrivener quite simply? Microsoft Word has it built in as standard but for large projects Scrivener is much better in all other ways.

Thanks. Trevor

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Of course it's unthinkable that a single independent developer is not up to matching the Microsoft Word development team!

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Yes, you have to use a third party reference handler in the way they describe.
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Scrivener is completely capable of adding footnotes/endnotes. Insert -> Footnote or Insert -> Inline Footnote. Or you can create a Bibliography just as you would any other component document.

What it *doesn't* have is a built-in reference manager. That's where Endnote and similar software comes in.

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Scrivener works great with Bookends, a reference manager by another independent developer that has incredible tech support. You do have to export to Word and generate your references there. I do this at the final draft stage and do any last minute editing there.