Learn Spelling option disappears for different chapters??

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When I type a word that is the name of a tribe, person, whatever and is not recognised by Scrivener, I right click on the word and the option for Learn Spelling is there and I select it. No dramas.
In the next chapter, I do the exact same process but upon right clicking on the word that I want Scrivener to learn, there is no option called Learn Spelling. There is only Look up as the first set of options. The word is still highlighted with a red squiggle and Scrivener hasn't had the chance to learn that particular word.
I've tried this in various folders and it really is 50-50 in offering to Learn Spelling on the word selected and in not giving me any such option on the word selected.

Why the inconsistency?
Is this a bug in the software? I bought Scrivener 4 days ago so I presume I have the latest version.

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Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:49 am Post

I think that "learn spelling" is a Mac OS function, not something L&L has programed into Scrivener.
I am a user, writing non-fiction and science, using:
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This problem doesn't happen with Word on my Mac. It's only on Scrivener.

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Does it happen in TextEdit?

Scrivener and TextEdit both use the Mac OS text and spelling systems. Word uses a completely different system, built by Microsoft.

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Hey Just got the updated Scrivener and I'm using MAC. I'm having the same issue BUT for me, the word I couldn't force to learn had a note attached to it. Once I removed the note, it allowed it to learn. Hope this helps!