"Embedding" scrivenings inside other scrivenings...

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Don't know if it is already possible (haven't found anything in the forum) if not, please move it to wish list section.

I'm writing my PhD dissertation and got a lot of quotes on the "literature research" folder. They are all well structured and tagged (Thanks Scrivener!) but... I'd like to "embed" some snippets in the text body.
I say "embed" because I would NOT like to loose the original order/position of the scrivening I want to use as "snippet/inline quotation".

In my master thesis I cut the original scrivenings of the chapter and inserted the quotes in between the parts, but that made the whole structure VERY messy for me. Unnecessary fragmentation and loosing the order of the literature research...

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There is a feature that is great for snippets in my opinion: a placeholder tag that will take the contents of one item anywhere in the binder and insert it at the placeholder. This can be done to whatever scale you require. The placeholder can be the entirety of the item’s text, meaning it acts more like a clone or a proxy of the original. Or you can scatter these placeholders throughout a larger section of text, having them insert snippets and such where needed—even inside of other things, like inline footnotes.

To get started, type “<$include>” into the editor where you want the snippet to appear. There are two ways to go here, you can supply the binder title of the item you wish to include, like this: “<$include:name of snippet>”, or you can select the short code and add an internal hyperlink to it, pointing to the item that should be included. Which to use is a matter of preference, though there is an edge to the hyperlink method if you have a lot of duplicate titles in the binder. Otherwise having a hint as to what is being included, printed right in the editor, is nice to have. In fact with the hyperlink format I’ll sometimes put a short inline annotation after the link to indicate the content.

Full documentation in §10.1.5, Including Text From Other Documents of the user manual PDF.
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