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I have a table of contents I want to import, but not as a single text file — I'd like to have each entry import as a separate text file so that it is a properly formatted Scrivener file — an individual Scrivener entry. The TOC is from InDesign so I can import to Scrivener as an RTF, Word, XML, InCopy or InDesign Markup file.

If this isn't possible, is there a shortcut to select each paragraph and convert it to a separate text file — a separate document in Scrivener that I can move around?


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Yes, there is a tool that will make it easy to import a document so that each line or paragraph comes in as a single document in Scrivener: the File ▸ Import ▸ Import and Split... menu command. Once you’re in there, select your RTF file and then enable the Split into sections by finding separators in the text option. In the blank box, hold down the Option key and press Return to insert a single carriage return (repeat if you double-spaced the original document). Click the Import button, and now you should have one new binder item for each line of the ToC file.

While there, you might have noticed the settings to split by outline structure. This wouldn’t apply to a ToC listing alone, but for a document that has a ToC derived from its stylesheet (“Heading 1”, “Heading 2”…), that option will split the document into a hierarchical tree based on the heading outline order.
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