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Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:48 pm Post

Beemergirl wrote:
Miracle of miracles scshrugged...EasyFind helped me to find it! Even though it found it in the /Scrivener/Backups directory when I looked there from within Scrivener the folder was empty. inexplicable...thanks everybody...i need a's 5 o'clock somewhere

For future reference, it is completely explicable that the backup files were not visible from within Scrivener: they are ZIP files, and Scrivener can only open .scriv files. To open a backup, you need to uncompress it in Finder, then open it.

Happy to hear you've recovered your work.

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Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:43 pm Post

CleanMyMac does appear to clear the active file and recent files from Scrivener as of 9/16/2019. The action in CleanMyMac at issue was the clearing the cache of the applications (cache deletion for each app can be selected individually).

CleanMyMac lets one select and deselect individual applications for the cache deletion. I am sure that I at least attempted to uncheck Scrivener and only check a couple of apps that would not matter if an active file were lost. But, disaster struck and CleanMyMac did delete my work of a few days from Scrivener. I don't understand yet why the backups of my Scrivener files were deleted.

Fortunately, Time Machine came to the rescue. I pulled the backup of the important file from a few moments before the use of CleanMyMac.

Now to uninstall CleanMyMac.