Need to copy from one project to another

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I have created multiple index cards in one ms project for all my characters. Need to transfer them to a new project - a sequel to first. Can anyone help?

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Drag and drop works fine for me.

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I was going to suggest that if there is a huge quantity involved, and you haven't done much work on the new project, it might be easier to duplicate the original project, change the name to that of the sequel then in that delete the parts that are no longer appropriate.

I often find that quicker than click-and-dragging or copy-and-pasting.

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Like Mark said, at first you should decide which needs less work – dragging a bunch of files into a new project or duplicating the old one and deleting some of the files in the new project.

One minor thing you probably know about: You can not just drag files (index cards or any research files) but also whole folders/groups. Any folders except for the three main ones (draft, research, trash), that is.

Supposed you've created a folder named 'characters' in your old project, dragging it into a new, blank one would take just a second.

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Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:52 pm Post

Thanks to all. For some reason a copy was only taking a portion of my cards.

Suavito, I didn't know you could drag a whole folder at once. That worked great!
Thanks again.