Text overwrites header and footer

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Hi All -

My first compile :| My header and footer (Title and page No, resp) are getting overwritten by my text. If I set the margins to 1 in it's OK, but these look too big, so I wanted to go to 3/4 in instead. Can't find this in the manual... How do I get the header and footer to print out above (or below) the text?

Again, sorry if I'm repeating what was already covered.


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It all depends on your settings and what format you are compiling to.
I had trouble getting it together until I found the book "How to format your novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore and Createspace" by Ed Ditto. Using it I managed to get a compile output that was acceptable for publication.
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Tue May 09, 2017 4:18 pm Post

Thanks for the reply.

I'm compiling for PDF with "Format As" set to Custom, and have set the top and bottom margins to 3/4" in the Compile/Page Settings pane; same as in the "Page Settings" pane.

In the Compile sub-menus for "First Pages" and "Facing Pages" I have entered the header text and <$p>. I left the sub-menu "Header and Footer" blank, since this info is covered in the other two panes.

I will order the book, but was hoping this might be a simple fix (ha ha). Is there a way to specify how far from the top the header will actually display? Or maybe I take it as is and live with big margins...