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Dialogue with Inline Parentheticals (Script Mode)

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:13 pm
by gr
Is it possible to make a custom scriptwriting format which allows for dialogue with inline parentheticals? This is a commonplace convention in published scripts (as in working scripts from Samuel French and Dramatist's Play Service, as well as scripts typeset for general readers).

I can't figure how it can be done, though. Here is an example of what I mean:

CASSANDRA: I don't know what Hootie Pie is. I just know you must beware it. (She feels another psychic message. Maybe she sways or her eyes flutter, something.) And also beware something happening to this house. (Walks toward them or walks in a bit of a circle.) The house, beware. Be wary.

To get this, I imagined one might be typing something like:

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<characterName> TAB <dialogue> TAB <parenthetical> TAB <dialogue> TAB <parenthetical> TAB <dialogue> RETURN

But right now it is looking to me like inline parentheticals are impossible to achieve, because in the Tab/Return setting for elements under Tabbing After Typing, I must choose between i) indicating I want to stay in-line by inserting a/some character(s) and ii) switching to a different element which automatically inserts a carriage return. To achieve the above, it seems to me that I need to be able to do both these things (i.e. specify stay in-line but also change elements).

Am I missing something that would enable me to get the script formatting I am aiming for?


Re: Dialogue with Inline Parentheticals (Scriptwriting)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:25 am
by MrGruff
I don't know if there's anyway of setting that up automatically, but when I want that effect I just go for CMD+I and it seems to work. Not a very sophisticated approach, I admit.

Re: Dialogue with Inline Parentheticals (Scriptwriting)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:33 pm
by matsgz
Sorry, I'm probably thick, but I don't really understand what you want to achieve, that you can't achieve by just writing your dialogue and whenever appropriate, just insert a parenthesis with text in italics (like this), close the parenthesis, and then go on writing the dialogue?

EDIT: Sorry, I now see that MrGruff already said basically the same as I did.

Re: Dialogue with Inline Parentheticals (Scriptwriting)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:46 pm
by gr
Thanks, but I am hoping to settle a question about the capacities/limitations of custom scriptwriting formats.