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I am trying to make good use of the Compile options. They are daunting. Fortunately, I think I am trying to do something simple.

I would like text that is Georgia throughout to compile to a smaller size of the same font. Also, when combining files, I would like them separated by a single line. Like this:

Before: 14 point font, separate files

After: 5 point combined file separated by single lines as in:

file 1(five point)

file 2(five point)

Before joining and compiling, each separate file ends with a single blank line. Ideally, I'd like to set no separator.

My results have the fonts as normal and three lines in-between files. One is the end line in the file, the other two are added in compile.

Any help is appreciated.

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Part of this will be done in the Separators compile pane. Note that the “Single return” setting is meant when you do not want a single empty line, and just want the text to merge seamlessly, so that the reader never knows there was a break. The single return ensures the last paragraph of one section does not fold into the first paragraph of the next. The “Empty line” setting in Separators will insert a fully empty line, using the paragraph spacing attributes of the paragraphs around it (so it may end up visually looking larger, if there is space between paragraphs).

As for Georgia, you can set up export fonts in the Formatting pane. For text, that will usually be by clicking on the text document icon, setting the “Override” checkbox above this list, and then clicking into the editor and setting up the fonts the way you want. If you started with simple settings, there should only be three rows, one for folders, files and file stacks. The key is to set up formatting for all things which actually generate text. If you use file stacks with printable text, make sure they are set up with the small Georgia font, too. The Formatting pane is documented in §24.11 of the user manual, starting on pg. 372.
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