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I have a project which I call Village Stories, in which I am writing a series of short stories about the inhabitants of a village for - hopefully - sale to a magazine. I have a common first page header, and then under the Story folder I have each short story as a separate text document.

What I would like to do is to create a metadata object which I can easily change so that the title of the story in question appears a) on the first page header where $PROJECTTITLE appears, and b) also in the subsequent page headers, where the name of the story appears in the middle. Can this be done?

At the moment I have changed the metadata object PROJECTTITLE to the name of my most recent story, and that works fine on the first page header, but the original project title, Village Stories, appears in the header of subsequent pages.

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Do you mean you're looking for a way to change the page header depending on which story you are currently reading (as is commonly done in books on the left page)? If so, try using the <$sectiontitle> token in the header field (that's the only place that token will work). That will print the name of the last item that generated a page break. So assuming you've got breaks between your stories, that should work.
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