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Whenever I select a different document in my project, the cursor usually seems to go to the middle of the document file. I would like the cursor to return to where I last left it in that particular document, or else I would like the cursor to go to the beginning of the document. Is there any way to get Scrivener 3 to do what I want?

Thanks for your help.

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The software already does what you’re asking for, it just might not be doing it precisely as you expected: it returns the cursor to wherever you left it the last time you were working in that chunk of text, and roughly positions that point somewhere in the middle of the screen, so as to provide a predictable area to look. Scrivenings mode is the only major exception.

If you want to scroll to the top, that is what the Home key on your keyboard is for. You can also move the cursor with ⌘↑. You can even do that when you are done with a section—it can be a useful way of signifying the status of an item. If it opens up somewhere in the middle, you know you left off in a hurry and might need to do some double-checking. If it opens at the top, you know were satisfied with the result, proofing and were ready to move on.
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