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I wrote my book The Laidoff Ninja in Scrivener (selling great on Amazon btw :D )
Not that you guys need more praise heaped at you, but Scrivener is a fantastic tool.

Not being a “real” writer, I just kind of threw the format together. I have a chance to do a second book and was wondering if there was a good template available to help write a non-fiction book. Where would I find such a template?


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I'm moving this to the usage scenarios section, where it is more likely the community at large will find it.
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Templates may come into play at every level of text organisation. Template-based approaches have been suggested for everything from the paragraph (e.g. the "compare and contrast" pattern, one of the "text structures" taught in many US schools) right up to the text as a whole (e.g. the 3-act structure that some narrative writers follow).

Can you give us more information about the level/s you want to know more about? Also: it would help to know your book's topic and purpose.