How do you add names to the name generator?

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I was happily surprised to find that Scrivener has a name generator and saw that it was possible to add to the names in the database. I was just wondering how exactly I could do this, as there are some names I would like to add.

Any help on this would be appreciated!

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I have not done this personally, but it looks like a self-generated .csv file of names is all you need.

...from HELP file:

20.3.1 Managing Your Own Name Lists: You can add your own custom name lists to the generator. They should be formatted so that all names are on a single line, and each name is separated by a comma, like so:
1. It might be easiest to produce these lists in a spreadsheet on a single row, and export as a csv file. If you use a regular text editor, make sure to name the file with a “.csv” extension.

2. Clickthe + button, below the name list area of the Name Generator window.

3. Locate the file in the chooser dialogue and click Open.

4. Give the list a descriptive name in the Title field, and select whether it is a list of female names, male names, or surnames.

5. Finally, if you have ordered your list from most common to most obscure (at the end of the list), check this box to enable the Obscurity Level slider for that list.4

To delete one of your custom lists: select it from the name list area and click the − button. You will be asked to confirm your decision. To update a list you’ve imported in the past, delete the custom list, and then add your
modified csv file again. The details from the last name list you created will be filled in for you.

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Thank you so much!!! It worked!