Can I highlight all instances of a word in the text?

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I'm editing my manuscript and was wondering if I can highlight all instances of a chosen word to see where they're clustered together (as often happens).

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FYI, this forum is for sharing tips, not for asking for help, which may explain the dearth of replies. A moderator may move it sometime. For now though...

Depending on the version you're using (Windows, Mac, iOS), you should try a project search. The search is located in various places depending on the platform you're running and the version of Scrivener on that platform, but on non-iOS versions, it's probably going to be under the Edit->Find menu.

The project search should show you a list of documents that have that word in it, and if you click on a document, the found word should be highlighted. "find next" shortcuts (F3 for windows, CMD-g for Mac) will take you to the next instance of that word.

Hope that helpsl
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