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I created the attached journalism template following suggestions from "The Art and Craft of Feature Writing: Based on The Wall Street Journal Guide," by William E. Blundell.

It has a really nice list of sections (History, Scope, Reasons, Impacts, Countermoves), each with prompts like these for the history section:

A. Roots in the past? What are they?
B. Is it a clean break with the past? How?
C. Is it clearly a continuation of the past? How?
D. If history seems a potentially relevant part of my story, are there any historical details that I can use to lend authenticity and interest? Can I relate them briefly? (Little things that add glitter and points of contrast)

(For more detail about these sections, I recommend reading the book.)

I also created a note called "Steps," which offers tips for organizing your notes. The process intends to guide the development of your structure and is based on John McPhee's famous advice for longform journalism, which Roy Peter Clark at Poynter summarized.

I find the template helpful, but I always modify it a lot. Happy writing!
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