Linking Scrivener projects?

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I am involved in a complex research program that is spinning off multiple writing projects: several journal articles and possibly a book. I find myself struggling to find ways to link these multiple projects. For example, the research in one Scrivener project file has relevance to other projects. I've tried creating several Paper folders in one project file, but that starts to confuse me. I'm thinking about having one project for research, and another for each piece of writing. How have other Scrivener users handled this issue?


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You can now link between projects in the same way you link between documents within a project, either as a bookmark or as a hyperlink. So you could have a main research project and several writing projects, which refer to that research without having to duplicate it.

It is not only possible to link to and from individual items within a project, but between projects as well. In fact, the special type of URL used to create these links can be used in any program or context where links can be used, not just Scrivener.

Any software that has a concept of linking should allow you to create useful links back to individual components of your project. This is done via the use of a special type of URL, much like a link to the Web, only designed to work locally on your machine. In this case, this link will instruct Scrivener to launch, open the target project and then display the requested resource in the editor. If Scrivener or the project is already open, then clicking the link will have a much more immediate effect

The details are in Section 10.1.6 of the manual, but you're essentially using the same techniques you would in one project expanded to work over multiple projects.