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I've been using Scrivener to write fiction for a while now, but I wasn't using it for anything else. Then, as individual Word files of my university lecture notes piled up, cluttering up an entire folder, I wondered why I wasn't using Scrivener for those, too. So I created a template for my courses, and now it's so much easier to keep track of everything because it's all in one place. Bless you, Scrivener.

Anyway, I've uploaded the template to share, complete 129 extra icons -- a few of which you can see in the images below. If you just want the icons and not the template, I've uploaded a .zip file of all the icons for you. (None of them were created by me, by the by. They're all from free icon websites, mostly Icon Archive.)

I hope someone out there finds this template as useful as I do!

Course Template | Icons Only

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From the faculty side, here is the template I use for creating syllabi: ...

IMHO Scrivener can’t be beat for going from brainstorming possible readings and assignments to putting together a finished syllabus.

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Thank you very much for this! I am very new to Scrivener and this was something I was looking for! Thank you again.