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I figured out my method of outlining. I just taped a bunch blank paper on the wall. Then once I'm happy with that structure, I'll put it into Scrivener. I supposed everyone has their own method. First book. Had no idea how to approach it. Starting in Scrivener is not for me. Thanks for all the replies!

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Thanks for the feedback on the tutorial. I’m having some difficulties locating the specific areas of confusion that you are referring to. I’ll go over the areas we wrote to address this point of confusion directly, so that you know where they are and can determine whether you might have skipped them or somehow missed the point—either could be helpful in improving them.

TSHGM wrote:Yes, I tried those. It’s one of the sources that mislead me for days on the non-existent “draft” folder.

The official tutorial project (accessed from the Help menu) does not have a renamed Draft folder in it. The word “Draft” will be in front of you when it says:

“So let’s dive in. In the binder sidebar, you will see a folder entitled ‘Draft’. Beneath this, indented, you will see ‘The Basics’, ‘Get Oriented’, ‘Main Interface’ and more. To get started, click on ‘Main Interface’.”

Most will probably gloss over on that one, it’s a casual mention that is mainly an instruction on where to click next, where the draft is only provided as a landmark to look for. We don’t really get into the Draft as a concept until the section titled, “The Binder”, where we find this:

Note: All folders and files can be renamed, even the special folders. In some of Scrivener’s project templates, the Draft folder has a different name, such as ‘Manuscript’.”

It should be noted this is where the so-called special folders are being described for their purposes—where you would most likely be looking for “Draft” yourself and maybe even experimenting with it or thinking about it (I’d say the previous mention in the introduction is probably something most people gloss over). This is where you are learning about what the draft is. From this tutorial you have a clear and present example of it to the left, and an explanation for why it might be called “Boomerang Sunrise” in your test project.

So that’s the tutorial. The user manual also goes over the special folders, naturally, and has this to say in the quick introduction to the interface (which is also the first instance of the phrase “draft folder”, for those searching for it):

“[The draft] folder will sometimes be referred to by other names in some of the built-in templates. If you cannot find a folder called ‘Draft’, look for the special icon as seen in Figure 4.5.”

But in the formal long description of the three special folders, where the Draft folder is described in great detail, there is a large yellow warning box in the middle of page 94, titled, “My project doesn’t have a ‘Draft’ folder”, which again goes over how it can be renamed and how some of our templates do so. It again refers one to the special icon, and as well to the Navigate ▸ Reveal Draft Folder menu command, which will always do just that, no matter what you call it.

When you looked up what the draft folder is, in the manual, what could have been done better than the screenshot and the explanations? When you were going through the tutorial and it said there was a draft folder in the binder, what caused that to be missed? Was a matter of methodology, where you were looking in different places? Were you skimming, and if so, at what point of the tutorial were you directed to reference the draft folder and found you could not? Etc. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
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