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nadinbrzezinski wrote:By the way, I thought it was going to be far more difficult. Thanks, it was easy as pie

Here is the file... and I included the Wiki explanation. I made each one of the steps a folder.. in which you can introduce your chapters. This is what Lucas used for Star Wars and is a classic for many pieces out there... now to upload... let me see

I can't get this to work. My Mac sees it as a Quicktime Movie. Any thoughts on how to get this? Thanks for making it regardless.
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If nadinbrzezinski opens the file then saves it to the desktop, then zips it, and reposts the zipped project - not the template, then you can open the project and save it as a template yourself.

I did this for Inkygirl at ... 7&start=15

with the comic project from antony.

I suspect the problem might be an anomaly in leopard. 10.5.2 may fix it.

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a brilliant template! Thank you for providing this!

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I'm another who can't get the file to open because it thinks it's a movie file.

What should I do?

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No idea, may be a problem with Leopard

And I am still fairly new to the Mac.. don't think I can send it to the WIN machine and reupload
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nadinbrzezinski wrote:No idea, may be a problem with Leopard

And I am still fairly new to the Mac.. don't think I can send it to the WIN machine and reupload

I would suggest:
1) verify the spelling of the extension
2) drag it on top of the icon for Scrivener to launch it, or
3) Right click (option-click for those with only one button) and select "Open With...Scrivener" from the pull-down menu.

Those are general Mac tips, not anything I have tried with this particular malfunction.

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Scrivener won't open .scrtpl files in that way. They need to be saved into the ~/Library/Application Support/ProjectTemplates folder and then selected when you go through New Project in Scrivener.