Who lives in the rarefied air of portrait/vertical monitors?

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I worked for a while (in grad school) as the assistant to a very famous journalist. He wrote everything on an old manual typewriter, and I used a beat up old computer in my office. Sitting at his desk, though, was a (for then) pretty high tech computer with one of those early vertical monitors, which he never used. Life is so unfair!

I've never taken the step to go that vertical, but if I did I might consider using a more conventional shaped monitors (not one of these new fangled cinema style ones) and tipping that to the side. It would provide, perhaps, the ideal verticality.

I use two monitors on my computers (one iMac, where the second monitor is an unmatched big old thing I had laying around; the other Linux with two identical medium size monitors). If I had a choice between two standard layout monitors and one vertical, I'd pick the two monitor option.

But as I sit here writing this I'm eying my Linux machine, thinking of what I'd have to do to tip the monitors over...

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benlovejoy wrote:In the early days of the Mac...

Wait – is that Test Drive over on the right? Bolt from the blue. Might be wrong. Might be right...

Wait (again) – what's the slogan of the Consultant? "Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always certain?"

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In the past, I was looking for a vertical orientation capable monitor. My current 24" HP monitor (LP2475w) is actually capable of that.

However, in the meantime monitors have grown bigger and bigger, so now thay can easily display two full pages side-by-side. I no longer need my monitor to stay vertical, since I can already see a vertical page with it.

However, I sometimes like to put my iPad in vertical when writing with an external keyboard. But then I like to see the side binder, so horizontal is my preferred orientation even there.