Sharing my Name Generator files

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:05 pm Post

Thannisan wrote:I am new to all this and successfully imported the additional name files (so generously given) but I am not sure how to access them for use within the name generator. I looked at the manual but it didn't help. Could someone kindly tell me how to actually use the imported files within scrivener. Thanks.

So you've successfully added them to the name generator, but need to know how to generate a name with them? Are you using Mac or Windows?
--DL Thurston
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Soren the Swede
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I tried importing the lists into my name generator but I've had no luck thus far. I keep getting errors about too many commas. I started out with the windows-specific files (as I should, being on a Win7 platform) but got repeated errors about there being 3 commas to many on each line.

So then I figured that maybe during the updates of the lists there's been a mix-up between the win and the mac lists. So I tried importing a mac list. Denied: 999 too many commas.

Any thoughts?

ETA: Ok, for some reason now it worked - it took quiiiite awhile to import the lists though and I got "Scrivener is not responding" prompts several times. But when I left the program running (though "not responding") after 15+ minutes I was alerted that the list had been imported. I have a fairly zippy desktop computer running Windows 7 64-bit btw.

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Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:29 pm Post

Anyone know where I can get name files for Italian forenames (male and female) and surnames?

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Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:23 pm Post

Wow. Amazing work.

Any chance of getting names and surnames for Ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece?
Abel Kay

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lolajl wrote:Anyone know where I can get name files for Italian forenames (male and female) and surnames?

I know, Really old thread...

I just recently started writing a story that involves the Mob... So I'm looking for male Italian forenames and surnames (More forenames than surnames) My google searches for names have come up close to empty but I've only just started. Having a list within Scrivener would be a useful addition...

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I have been compiling name lists from various sources on the web. Here is my page where you can download my Name Generator Lists.

List Notes
Female African Names
Male African Names
African Surnames
Female British
Male British
British Surnames
Cherokee Names (Male with meanings) eg: Chea Sequah (Red bird)
Cherokee Names (Female with meanings) eg: Tsula (Fox)
Cherokee surnames.csv
Female Greek Names
Male Greek Names
Greek Surnames
Male Russian Names
Female Russian Names
Russian Surnames
Male French Names
Female French Names
French Surnames
Female Irish Names
Male IrishNames
Irish Surnames
Unusual Female Names
Unusual Male Names
Unusual Surnames
Female italian Names
Male italian Names
Italian Surnames
Female Hispanic
Male Hispanic
Hispanic Surnames
Hindu Surnames
Japanese Surnames
US (C1910) Surnames

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The links are dead!

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These links seem to be working:

DLThurston wrote:I've pulled together lists from various public domain sources online, credited on the download page.

I've got files for both Windows and Mac name generator.

levancil wrote:I have been compiling name lists from various sources on the web. Here is my page where you can download my Name Generator Lists.

Thank you DLThurston and levancil.

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Thanks, that saved me some time.

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By the way, the Mac-version files work on the Mac Scrivener 3. More awesomeness!

Thank you, David!

(Your blog hasn't been updated in a while. Hope all is well and you are still writing.)